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Launch is the sister brand to Disc Golf UK, part of the DGD family (Disc Golf Distribution).

All of our discs are designed and manufactured at our factory in Derbyshire, UK just outside the Peak District. Our first disc mould, The Lander came into existence in 2020, instantly becoming a firm favourite with pros and beginners. Following on from the Landers success, the Code, Cipher and Code X were born. Since 2019 when we started manufacturing, our design and production capabilities have continued to soar. We continue to work on growing our mould catalogue, expanding production and developing new plastic blends. We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline... So stay tuned!

We will always remain dedicated to growing the sport of Disc Golf and helping to develop the fantastic community that we belong to. If you have any query or enquiry regarding discs, courses, tournaments or anything else disc golf related, please feel free to get in touch.

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